About A Hippie In Heels

AHippieInHeels is Sabina Fernandez, a yoga teacher and a clipboard-holding, get-shit-done magazine editor. She exhibits many hippie tendencies but can’t seem to shake her addictions to shoes, caffeine and bacon.

Sabina is Singaporean and has lived in Australia, Germany & Sri Lanka. She speaks fluent Mandarin and excruciatingly bad German. She loves a good book and a good beach (preferably at the same time), and detests cockroaches and yogier-than-thou types — people, that is, not cockroaches. (Though yogier-than-thou cockroaches sound godawful too!)

For more of her musings, follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Sabina would like to dedicate this blog to her plants Alice & Dimitri. Hey guys, thanks for standing by me through all those long, lonely nights. Sorry about the singing.


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